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My name is Mickey, and I live in a Phoenix suburb in Arizona. I grew up in the Chicagoland area, but Phoenix is so much better (in my opinion). No snow, no cold weather, less rain, very supreme. My husband and I still have family there, so we go back for visits, but that's usually enough. I'm a freelance copy editor, and I absolutely love my job. I raise animals (see pictures below), watch/read/listen to a lot of entertainment, and have some fun hobbies. I love to stay upbeat and positive, and I can get seriously addicted to things. Like the gluten-free/plant-based-vegan lifestyle. Blogging is also something I love to do, so feel free to check out my book blog and food blog.

Here are some likes and dislikes :o)


  • Books, duh. All kinds! General fiction, non-fiction, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, self-help, adult, teen/YA/NA, romance, humor, mystery, crime thrillers, suspense.. I love and read it all! This includes audio books. And I enjoy a good series as well. I get very involved with characters.
  • Positivity. I'm aiming to be the shining light in the darkness that is social media. You'll catch me tweeting about smiles and hugs, light and love. <3
  • Movies. Again, I watch just about all kinds: comedy, drama, foreign, horror, romance, historical, western, animated, etc. 
  • Internet. It provides me with tons of entertainment, news, and general fun. I can check my bank accounts, library books, and credit cards. I can get free Kindle ebooks on Amazon, win paper books, and read books online. I can connect with friends and look into new favorites. Gotta love it. 
  • Music. Incubus is my all-time favorite band, but again, I like all types and genres. Rock, pop, country, hip-hop, R&B, classic rock, whatever. I get down. ;o)
  • Food. This isn't an "all kinds" category. I used to love a lot of things that aren't food. Now, it's all about fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, and grains. Nom nom nom. Raw when I can. Mmmm! #fruitsohard #vegan

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