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  • A $75 deposit will be due upon agreement of taking on a project and scheduling a date to receive your manuscript. I will hold the date for forty-eight hours to give you time to pay the deposit, but after that, your date is not secure until I receive this deposit.

  • If a reschedule is required and made at least four weeks prior to the deadline, the deposit will still go towards that project. It will not be returned if you cancel or reschedule within a month of the project.

  • Deposits hold the time I believe it will take to work on your project. If you miss your deadline, I miss out on income. Therefore, if you miss two deadlines in a row, your next two deposit payments will be upped to $150 before they'll drop back down to $75. After three missed deadlines, we'll have to discuss the possibility of scheduling future projects.

  • If the manuscript is not e-mailed to me (mickeyedits at gmail) by 11:59 p.m. (MST) on the agreed-upon date to this email address, we will likely have to reschedule your project for the next available slot. This is necessary for me to keep my schedule on track and ensure that I have adequate time available for those who are able to make their deadlines.

  • If the manuscript is only a day late and I can still fit you in, there will be a 25% rush fee added to the previously agreed-upon fee. This may or may not even be an option depending on my current schedule and workflow.

  • When I receive your edit, I may need it for up to two weeks. Make sure you have enough time for me to work on it that long. It likely won't take that long, but I can't promise anything shorter than that right now. If another time frame is needed, it may be an additional fee.

  • You will be sent an e-mail two weeks prior to a scheduled edit to make sure we are still on schedule. If you are not going to be ready by our deadline, please let me know so we can reschedule. However, if you wait until that two-week mark, I might not have a close enough available date to make your publishing deadlines happen. So please e-mail me as soon as you think you might not make your deadline to avoid delays and extra fees.

  • Projects can be canceled at any time during the editing process. If I don't feel like I am the editor for your work, I will e-mail you as soon as possible. It's nothing personal. This is business, after all. But I don't want to waste anyone's time or money if I don't feel like I can give my all to your project. I will issue a refund (based on percentage of work completed) if one is necessary or invoice you for the amount completed if you want my edits. This is rare, but I'm human, so it happens.

  • The balance (minus the deposit paid) will be due when I send completed edits back to you. You trusted me with your deposit, so I will send edits back before I invoice for the balance. If another payment arrangement needs to be made, please e-mail me at your earliest convenience.

  • Dates you have scheduled (with a formatter, a blog tour company, Amazon preorder, etc.) for after the editing process are not my responsibility. Please set aside enough time for us to work through the editing process, and give yourself a cushion in case of any bumps in the road (illness, unexpected events, etc.) during that time.

  • Deadline swapping between clients needs to be okayed by me first. I set time aside for each project based on word count and level of editing. Giving your deadline to someone else isn't always compatible, so I ask that both parties approach me first before any kind of agreement is made.
Updated 11/1/2015

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