Services and Rates

  • Copyediting: General proofreading + reference/fact, POV, style, word, and voice checks.
  • Line Editing: General proofreading + Copyediting + writing style, chapter ending strength, consistency, continuity, transition, and sentence structure checks.
  • Substantive (Content) Editing: General proofreading + Copyediting + Line Editing + paragraph reorganizing, overall feel, plot hole fix, plot credibility and believability, and character development.
  • Manuscript Critique/Beta Reading: Basic content editing - checking for plot holes, inconsistencies, character development / likability, and overall feel. All comments, no in-line edits
  • Essay Editing: Proofreading your essays for grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, and syntax.
  • Blog/Website Editing: Proofreading your blog or website for grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, and syntax. 

  • Copyediting: $0.01 per word
  • Line Editing: $0.012 per word
  • Substantive (Content) Editing: $0.015 per word
  • Manuscript Critique: $0.008 per word
  • Blurb/Acknowledgements/About Author Proofread: $5.00 per section (unless part of MS)
  • Children's Book proofreading: $20 for up to 1000 words | $0.01 per word after that
  • Essay/Article Editing: $20 for up to 1000 words | $0.01 per word after that
  • Blog/Website Editing: $20 for up to 1000 words | $0.01 per word after that
  • Resume Editing: $10.00
  • Rush: Above rates + 25%

Fine Print

  • There is a price range because not all work needs extensive editing. Some will need more work than others. A sample (5-10 pages, 2000 words maximum) will be helpful in determining price. I'll look at the sample for free, but if you want it edited and returned to you, there's a $10 fee due upon agreement of editing the sample.

  • Want copyediting done but you also want me to check for consistency or continuity from the line editing level? We can make a customized price for that. Everything is flexible!

  • A page is always 250 words to keep things consistent. This helps to find your own estimate before considering me as your editor. 

  • Rates provide one read-through. I do not provide second read-throughs.

  • A $75 deposit will be due upon agreement of taking on a project and scheduling a date to receive your manuscript. If a reschedule is required prior to a month before the manuscript is due, the $75 will go towards that project. The rest of the balance will be invoiced for when the project is finished and edits have been sent back. 

  • Need your project edited soon? I charge a 25% rush fee to get you at the top of my queue. This rush fee is also applied if you need your edits back sooner than two weeks from the date you send your manuscript.

  • I cannot promise a perfect manuscript. Using Tracked Changes doesn't mean it'll look perfect when we're finished with it. Errors happen when you make changes. And it strongly depends on the quality of the manuscript I receive from you. I strongly suggest hiring a proofreader for a final pass. 

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