Mickey went above and beyond on her fantastic proofreading of my book Easy Bake Coven. Her edits were clear, easy to follow, and made sense. Everything down to her personal notes were fun to read and spot on. I have worked with many editors, and Mickey is now one of my favorites. I definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a trustworthy and affordable editor.

-Liz Schulte, author of Easy Bake Coven and The Ninth Floor

Thanks, Mickey, for helping me bring HEARTBEAT into the world. Authors, if you are looking for an editor, work with Mickey. She's the best. She always has the best comments and catches things I don't even think about. She knows how to make my work better without changing it beyond recognition - in the editing world, that's a rare talent, indeed.

-Faith Sullivan, author of Heartbeat

Mickey is an excellent proofreader. She always goes above and beyond when going through my manuscripts and she is truly one of the nicest and most proficient editors and proofreaders, I've ever worked with. Mickey is flexible when she can be and always works hards to meet my needs. I recommend her services highly. You cannot go wrong hiring Mickey for her editing services.

-J.S. Cooper, author of The Ex Games series

Mickey turned out to be exactly what I needed in an editor. Not only was she able to spot the grammatical snafus that I just don’t have an eye for, but she was able to talk me down from quite a few freak-outs. There was never any doubt that she had the best interest of my novel at heart. She’s was incredibly clear with her input throughout the process, and took the time to explain some of the finer points to me, which was extremely appreciated. From beginning to end, she was patient and dedicated to making sure MORTALITY fulfilled its potential. I plan on utilizing her services for future writing projects! Highly recommended!

-Kellie Sheridan, author of Mortality

Mickey is the editor next door. She comes off very down to earth and real, knowing not only about grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, pace, plot, voice, and character development, but also audience appeal. That was one of the reasons I chose Mickey. She's a book blogger as well as an editor, reviewing books in the genres of fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, etc. She specializes in YA, but could easily edit NA or MG books. She has a unique eye for detail, and edits in a way that makes a book unputdownable. If you want someone in your author arsenal that will make you book shiny to readers, Mickey is the person you need to hire! On a personal note, she took on the third book in my The Ferryman + The Flame series and made it better without changing my writing style or vision. I liked that we were able to click on such a level that she knew what I wanted to convey without me having to explain the previous two books to her in detail! Mickey is awesome, and you'd be lucky to have her as your editor.

-Rhiannon Paille, author of The Ferryman + The Flame series (Vulture)

Not only is Mickey extremely friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with, but she goes above and beyond what most editors consider "proofreading." She became an ally and strong supporter of my book. She didn't even charge me for the pep talks! Ms. Reed was honest in her comments and made a point to let me know if something was unclear or seemed extraneous from her perspective as a reader. Not only did she do an amazing job catching technical errors but she helpfully pointed out things like issues with diction, repetition, etc. Us indie authors need all the help we can get! She also got my manuscript back to me a week earlier than I'd requested despite going on vacation and dealing with a back injury. I cannot recommend her any more highly! I'm also slightly tempted to kidnap her and keep her locked in my basement for all my editing needs. (In the event that she actually goes missing, this testimonial with self-destruct and all of your memories will be wiped clean).

-Caisey Quinn, author of Girl with Guitar

I have nothing but the kindest things to say about Mickey. We've worked on two books together now and have developed a great working relationship. She sticks to deadlines, has a clear eye for detail, and is willing to go above and beyond to help you achieve your writing goals. She's there for late night emails and minor freak outs when you decide you need to change something completely. She's not afraid to tell you when something just isn't working or when you use a particular word too many times. But above all else, she's a great friend and sage advice giver to have in your corner on the crazy self-publishing journey!

-Elizabeth Lee, author of Give Me Something and Escaping Me

When I decided to dip my toe into the world of self-publishing, Mickey gave me the confidence I needed to venture into new territory. Every step of the way, she's been there for me, offering encouragement and advice at crucial moments in my journey as a writer. I will forever be indebted to her. I know her insightful comments and critical eye made my book better. She understands what readers want, and helps writers deliver what audiences are looking for. She doesn't stifle an author's creativity, she enhances it. Her personal touch is why writers come back to her time and again, and I intend to work with her on every book I release. She really and truly cares. I don't know what I'd do without her.

-Collette West, author of Night Games

As I was finishing my first book, a friend recommended looking to Mickey for an edit. I contacted her and not only found that she responded quickly and professionally but that her prices were reasonable. She was quick to give me a sample of her work done on my own writing. I appreciated that she respected author’s privacy so well! She informed me when she would start on my book and stuck to that date. She was very good about letting me know time frames and did a wonderful job and did it quickly. When I went over her revisions, I was pleased to find that her comments and revisions made sense and were easy to follow. I will definitely use Mickey again with future books.

-Amanda Evanson, author of Pregnancy: A Journey to Motherhood

Mickey Reed is a professional through and through. She keeps her promises, makes deadlines, and works very hard for her money. I am having a lot of ‘first time author’ jitters, so she had to wade through multiple re-writes. I was impressed by her ability to keep up as well as her turnaround rate. Mickey was an absolute treat to work with which is why I will be doing it again. Soon.

-Jennifer Starks, author of Messy Death

Working with Mickey Reed was a fantastic experience! I couldn't help being nervous about handing my work over to someone else. But from the beginning I could tell it was in the hands of someone who would treat it with respect. Mickey caught all the trouble spots, but did it with such a delicate touch it didn't feel intrusive. She was encouraging and positive. She helped me to meet a deadline that I wasn't sure I could make. And she was available to answer questions when I had concerns. That, and the fact that she's just a fun person who builds on the excitement of the whole project, made her the perfect choice as an editor! I'm so happy I found her!

-Carrie Crafton, author of After Home

Mickey carefully read my manuscript, noting many inconsistencies that I hadn't observed, even though I'd already edited it many times. I found Mickey professional, discreet, thorough, and speedy. As a frequent reader of YA, she was also able to point out the areas in which I could make the characterization and plot stronger. I highly recommend her services!

-Miranda Kenneally, author of Breathe, Annie, Breathe

It was truly a pleasure to work with Mickey! She proofread my novella, "All About Us," in the ALL I EVER WANTED anthology, and I really appreciated her excellent notes on the manuscript. She found a number of small errors I'd missed, and she was quick to point out sections that might be improved with just a few tweaks to the wording. I was impressed by how efficiently and quickly she finished her proofreading and returned the document to me, and I appreciated her willingness to answering any of my questions. I highly recommend her and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again!

-Marilyn Brant, author of "All About Us" from All I Ever Wanted

Being a first time author, I was new to the business. Mickey makes you feel like you have a friend as well as a business partner. No matter what time I emailed her, she responded almost instantly with answers to any concerns I had. She edited my book well within the time she said it would be done, adding great feedback. I absolutely loved it when I'd write a sentence and struggle with the way it was written, and after handing it to Mickey, she'd know exactly what I was trying to say. Can't wait to send her my next one.

-Rebecca Harris-Hardy, author of Undeniable

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